A/C Info & Air Conditioner Repair Videos

LPAC’S Troubleshooting Information and DIY Air Conditioner Repairs Videos Help You Fix Your Home Cooling System Before You Incur Air Conditioning Contractor Service Call Charges

Not every “stalled” air conditioner or heat pump requires a home service call from an air conditioning contractor. LPAC is happy to help before you call us by providing helpful DIY tips for troubleshooting heat pumps and air conditioner repairs in the videos we have posted below. Do you have an air conditioning fan that is not working as it should? We have a video for that. Or have your AC fan and air compressor stopped working? You will want to watch the video for troubleshooting tips on replacing the HVAC Dual Run Capacitor. We also provide videos with energy savings tips to help the environment and your budget.

LPAC, your HVAC Company, is happy to help you fix your A/C before calling us. Watch these videos to get started.

Air Conditioner Fan Not Working
Replace HVAC Dual Run Capacitor
(Fan and Compressor Not Working)

LPAC is dedicated to being a good neighbor to our customers and to the communities we serve by providing the highest quality, most affordable HVAC service and repair in the Bradenton, Palmetto, Parrish, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Northport and surrounding areas. We recognize that not all air conditioner repairs or heat pump snafus require a service call from a professional AC company. We believe in helping you with energy savings that put money back in your pocket through properly calibrated and efficiently operating home cooling systems. We also strongly believe in keeping that money in your pocket by providing helpful information and videos that prevent service calls from your air conditioning contractor when it is a minor adjustment that you could have fixed or performed yourself.

LPAC’s AC Company DIY videos are filled with air conditioning repair and troubleshooting heat pumps and energy savings tips, DIY diagnosis, how-to-fix it demos and how to replace component parts illustrations. Our videos illustrate the most common home cooling systems failures and air conditioner repairs saving you the need to call an AC company or spend money on a service call. In these days when energy savings are so important, we want your system to run at its most efficient level all of the time. Before you call an air conditioning contractor and incur costly home service call charges, check out our air conditioner repairs and troubleshooting heat pumps videos. Then give us a call and let us know if you were able to solve your problem. If not, we’ll set up a service call from LPAC, your local AC company so that we can continue keep your home cooling system cool!