Improve Indoor Air Quality for your Family and Home 

Ways to Improve Your Home's Air Quality

At LPAC Services we are focused on providing a healthy indoor air quality environment for you and your family. We have done a significant amount of air quality product research and offer the best products available. We have trained our technicians to identify air quality improvement opportunities and make appropriate recommendations of products and services which will result in improved air quality in your home.

 Filtration Systems and Associated Maintenance

There are a variety of ways to improve the filtration system in your home. The simplest and most economical is to constantly check and change your primary system filters. There are a variety of system enhancements that can be made to improve your filtering systems from enlarging such to installing a polarized media filtering system. Our technicians can advise you of the benefits of each and whether such is recommended given your specific circumstances. 

Preventing/Eliminating Bacterial and Virus Growth

There are products which use UVC light which can kill or sterilize viruses and bacteria as they pass through your air conditioning systems. The most common areas for their utilization: 1) close to your air conditioning system's coil which contains a lot of moisture or, 2) in your duct system. There are also products which release molecules in your air which control contaminates, fungi, mold and viruses in your air. These products also create ionization which controls microscopic impurities such as bad smells, smoke or odors. Our technicians can assist you with finding the right products to meet your special needs. 

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