A/C Preventative Maintenance

A/C systems are put to the test in our Florida Gulf Coast climate. They run hard and long and tend to have shortened lifespans. AND when they stop running it is usually in the middle of high heat levels requiring immediate attention.

In addition as the system ages:

  • The less efficient it becomes driving increasing energy costs
  • Integral parts tend to wear out and require replacement
  • Breakdowns occur more frequently

What Can You Do? 

One of the most economical things you can do to prevent breakdowns, lengthen your systems life and keep it running as efficient as possible is to have LPAC's semi annual maintenance plan in place. It is similar to maintaining your car. 

Our maintenance plan covers a 30 point inspection including cleaning drain lines and other key components, checking parts for wear out, checking filtration and air quality systems, and checking amp draws and pressures etc. Our technicians have a complete check list they fill out and leave a copy with you. 

Having our maintenance plan in place will result in: 

  • Your system running more efficiently- lowering your utility bills
  • Minimizing unexpected repairs and breakdowns since all major components are checked during your maintenance
  • Improved systems safety after electrical components are checked
  • Increased lifespan of your system

How Much Does It Cost? 

Because we believe maintenance is so important, we have one of the most economical plans in the marketplace. $179 for four maintenance inspections. It is highly recommenced that your maintenance be done every 6 months. Many customers find that it is much less expensive to have your maintenance done after six months then having us come out after 9 months for a service call only to find your drain line needs clearing. 

With our maintenance plans you also receive the following: 

  • Priority Emergency Service
  • 15% discount off any repairs needed during maintenance or otherwise.

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